Sunday, March 19, 2017

Chit Chat Time

You guys probably think I've fallen off the face of the Earth. I'm here. I'm good. We have been packing and making weekend trips to move what we could to the new house before moving day to ease the load. Moving day was last Wednesday, and let me tell you... we have both been griping about sore feet, muscles, and bruises... where did the bruises come from?

Anyway, we are here. I'm pretty sure all of the boxes for living are unpacked. There are several Bonnie boxes that aren't unpacked yet, but those will be unpacked onto furniture and shelves we don't have yet in the playroom.

I'm very happy with my craft space. I was worried I'd be cramped in a little corner because I really wanted to be on the main floor with the living area and kitchen. I could have had the bedroom down here or I could have had the bedroom upstairs, but my need to be where the daily action is was more powerful than having more room.

In the background of that photo, is Deanli which is 144 miles away from us. It sort of looks like clouds, but it's a mountain. Gorgeous.

Bonnie is enjoying unpacking and organizing.

We have both been saying we are not moving again or if we do someone else is doing it for us. Yeah, we've said that before. But I will note that we are hanging pictures on the wall today. We haven't done that since we lived in South Carolina at our house in North. That's a big deal. We normally don't do any wall decorating where we live because we know we are only there for a year or two and don't want to mess up the walls. So yeah, hanging pictures may be a sign. :)

I hope to get back into the crafting groove this week and catch up visiting and leaving comments on your blogs.

Have a great rest of your Sunday, everyone! Big hugs!

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  1. Looks like you are getting settled in your new place!