Friday, March 11, 2016

New Blog!!!!!!! What?

Hi, everyone!
I'm so excited to let you know about my new blog,

Why did I create a new one?
There is a very good answer for that.

I am on several Design Teams (which I LOVE),
 and my Pause Dream Enjoy blog stays full every day 
not only with Design Team postings,
but also with things I created just for fun that
I want to show you. 

I decided to separate the two.
Pause Dream Enjoy will be my blog for all my Design Team Posts.

will be a place where I am creating something because
I just want to,
or because I saw a great challenge I want to play in,
or I want to test-drive a new product. 
For any of those reasons and more, 
I wanted a new place to share my creations with you.

I hope you'll pop over and click the blue FOLLOW button in the sidebar, follow me on Bloglovin', or sign up for email updates (or maybe even all three)!

You will continue to see daily posts here at Pause Dream Enjoy for a while. I have about a month and a half already pre-scheduled. So as those post and time passes on, you'll notice after awhile the only posts you see here are for Design Teams.  But I'll start posting over at Sunny Day Cards and Crafts now. As soon as we close on our house (shocking that hasn't happened yet), we will be on the road for 2 weeks. So Sunny Day Cards and Crafts may hit a little bump with no new postings. Don't worry. I'm not dead or forgot about the blog or anything. I'll get it going now, and then pick it back up once we get to Alaska. Please say a little prayer that we can close soon! For 2 weeks now we've thought we were going to close any day. Still waiting to hear when it's going to be.

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