Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Weight Watchers Wednesday


move up and down; fluctuate.

Yep - That's me. A Yo-Yo lately.
Last Friday's weigh in had me at +0.8 pounds.
Not horrible, but gee whiz. Every other week, up and down.
While I write this, I've already lost that this week.
I think most of my problem is,
Tom has been in Canada, and so therefore I'm being
lazy about cooking and eating at regular times.
I'm working on doing better about that this week.

Don't get discourage!
I know I'll make it through this yo-yo phase,
and you can do it too.
The important thing to remember is,
You are worth it,
and You can do it.

Thanks for visiting with me today!
See you tomorrow!

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Sunshine Creations and Crafts said...

If there was a picture of someone falling off the wagon it would be me. I have no excuses for not going to the gym or eating over my points. I am still tracking though so I get a pat on the back for that right? I held steady last week but this morning +1. It's been over 100 degrees here for almost a week and it makes me lazy. I woke up, weighed then immediately put my gym clothes on. I'm finishing my kappa kuppa and off I go. Today is a new day? Let's take it one meal at a time. <3

Nana said...

Hang in there sweetie. You dd not put the weight on overnight and it want come off overnight.
Have a creative day.
Hugs Nana
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