Sunday, January 20, 2013

Top Fav Tools and Products Video

Hey! Mary of Cardz TV tagged me from her video of top fav tools so below is my video showing some of the tools I love to use. I'm tagging Theresa The Scrapbooking Queen. She will have her video up soon, so be sure to check her blog for that!


:) Janis


  1. Came to your blog to see the cute teddy bear post card and found your cool vid.. thanks for posting your fave things :) Kathi

  2. Girl, you are not weird! I do the same exact thing with my paper when I buy it! hahaha! Two peas huh? I love that little mustache punch! How cool! I think I am going to invest in some baskets, they look like they save so much room! That's exactly what I need for my small space! Great video Janis! *Hugs*

  3. I love it!!!! Such a fun video!!! And very helpful. Cannot wait to get some shoe boxes for scraps!

  4. Great video!! I love your Cricut sound effects!! It's amazing how many tools we end up "needing", but they're all wonderful. Thanks for the laughs!-Raquel @

  5. GREAT video girl!!! Love your Southern accent!!! :) Love all the stuff you showed! some of my favorites too! What a great idea to make die cuts ahead of time! Oh to be organized! That is my goal for this be more organized!
    Hugs to you!

  6. What a fun video Janis! I am going to try to cut more out in advance, and I LOVE the cloud punch - and clearly I need baskets - My craft room is a disaster :) Love you!

    Purple Monkey Moments

  7. Lol!! I do the same thing with my paper!! I thought I was the weird one!! Lol!! I am a new fan, thank you Mary!!!

  8. LOVED your video! Awesome tools. it was just like when I watched Mary's - "yep I have that, and that and that"
    cardztv DT sister

  9. You have great tools I am so glad Mary tagged you you are so much fun and enjoyed spending time with you and I love your storage ideas and you are awesome too!!

  10. Janis you have so many great things...great minds must think alike...I have and love similar toys. Also, you're sooo organized...something I'm currently working on. I love your ideas, especially the scrap paper bins. When I go to craft stores I don't bother with time for hindrances while in deep I pull things out to play and touch on my way home, especially at red lights...I play with my new punches opening presents all the time. Love love wobbles too!
    Have a great weekend!
    Dee B