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MFPS: Paper Bag Card Tutorial

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Good morning, everyone and welcome to my very first 
TUTORIAL posting for 
Mark's Finest Papers & Stamps!
You can see my Featured Designer post at
MFPS' Blog HERE... but all the details for the tutorial are in this blog post below... This is all so exciting!

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Please note... this post is picture heavy... I didn't want you to miss a thing as I create this tutorial for you.

I have been asked a lot about the 
I make and this was requested of me 
to do the tutorial on... so, here you go!

First of all, grab all the items you think you'll use in this project. The picture below doesn't show everything I used, and shows some things I didn't end up using at all. That's because when I start out to make a project, I really don't know how it's going to turn out. I have an idea of what I want to do, and just let the project evolve from there.

Some of the supplies you may use for this project.
Basically, you need:
  • a Paper Bag (any size and any color you want)
  • adhesive of your choice
  • inks for stamping and distressing edges
  • something that cuts (paper trimmer or scissors, etc.)
  • stamp cleaner (I use baby wipes)
  • papers of your choice and colors
  • ruler
  • straight edge (I used a bone folder, but you can use a ruler or the side of your pen or pencil)
  • pen or pencil and paper to keep notes for measurements (measure twice, cut once)
  • embellishments of your choice
Some embellishments to choose from and a pen / pencil and
paper to keep notes for measurements.
Paper Bag choices vary
Paper Bags come in so many sizes and colors these days! I chose to use a plain ole lunch style paper bag. 
(They are pretty cheap at the grocery store.)

Lunch type of Paper Bag
Please keep in mind, Paper Bag sizes vary greatly. The measurements for this project are all based on the Paper Bag that I used. However, you will need to measure your bag and go from there.  My rule of thumb is... I mat my papers 1/8" larger for the shadow layer. Some mat their shadow layers at 1/4" larger. 
It's all up to you, your style, and what you like. 

I trimmed off the top of the bag about 1/8' of an inch to get a clean edge. This is not necessary, but cleaner, I think.
Section 1 and 2 on outside
Please note the numbered sections on the outside and inside of this Paper Bag. All the measurements I give you are directly corresponding with these numbered sections or panels.
  • Lay the Paper Bag flat with the opening to your right. Trim the opening if desired.
  • Fold bottom of bag over on top of the opening section.
  • Crease and fold the bottom flap back and forth as shown below.
Showing Section 3

  • This bottom section will be just an extra fold piece for fun.
Showing Section 3 to the left, 5 in the middle and 6 for the "Inside".
Section 6 is the part of the Paper Bag that has the opening to the right.
Showing Section 3 flipped open to reveal Section 4.

  • If desired, use a circle punch or your scissors to create a 1/2 circle opening here. I found that trying to use this circle punch, the Paper Bag was not thick and sturdy enough to cut. I ended up using my scissors to cut an opening. This will come in handy later when we insert a tag here.

  • If you like to distress your edges or just add ink for fun, now's the time to do that. Ink every fold and crease. Don't worry if it looks messy. It's a Paper Bag! It's going to look a little messy, and actually your papers will cover up most of this anyway. :)

Alright... are you ready to take some notes? You may not even need these measurements if you use a Paper Bag of a different size, but since I went to the trouble of writing them all down, I thought I'd share them with you in case you find that they come in handy.

After you cut all your papers, and you like inking the edges... again, now is the time to do that.

Shadow cuts (Shown as the yellow papers above):
Refer to Numbers in the above photos for the Sections
First Section (front): 3 3/8" x 4 7/8"
Second Section: 1 1/2" x 4 7/8"
Third Section: 3" x 4 7/8"
Fourth Section: 1 3/8" x 4 7/8"
Fifth Section: 3 3/4" x 4 7/8"
Sixth Section: 4 3/4" 4 7/8"

Top Layer cuts (Shown as the green papers above):
Refer to Numbers in the above photos for the Sections
First Section (front): 3 1/4" x 4 3/4"
Second Section: 1 3/8" x 4 3/4"
Third Section:  2 7/8" x 4 3/4"
Fourth Section:  1 1/4" x 4 3/4"
Fifth Section:  3 5/8" x 4 3/4"
Sixth Section:  4 5/8" x 4 3/4"

All papers for Sections inked and adhered 
- ready for placement
Are you ready to start getting this put together? Here we go!

  • Adhere each section to the Paper Bag card

Now it's time to figure out about your stamping. I chose to use a die cutting machine for stamped image matting and also used a paper trimmer for one section.  But you can also always stamp directly on these papers without image matting. It just depends on your style and the mood you are in the day you create it.

Here are the image mats I cut with a 
die cutting machine and a paper trimmer:

  • Elegant Edges "Butterfly2" cut as a Square @ 3" with Shadow feature (cut 2 of these for Section 1 (front of card) and Section 5.
  • Elegant Edges "Butterfly2" cut as a Square @ 4 1/4" with Shadow feature (cut 2 of these for Section 6 - inside of card) and for tag to insert inside card opening on side.
  • Paper Trimmer was used to cut Shadow layer    @ 2 5/8" x 4 1/2" and again at 2 1/2" x 4 1/4" for image mat top layer for Section 3.

Now's the time to ink those edges if that's what you like to do!

Section 1 (outside)

Section 3 before matting
Section 3 after matting

Section 5 and 6 (inside)
Let's Stamp and Decorate!

For stamping, I used 2 different stamps sets you can purchase from MARK'S FINEST PAPERS & STAMPS. Be sure and check out their entire store, because they have a whole lot more to offer including some fun stamps!
  • First I stamped my kitty on white cardstock.
  • Then I colored her with permanent markers and chalk. (I just love this kitty!)
  • I cleaned my inked stamp with a baby wipe. (You can also run your stamp under water to rinse off the excess ink if any.)
  • This kitty stamp is from MFPS' "Going Batty" set.
  • I also punched out a circle, and then punched some of it again to create the crescent moon.
  • The fence was a cut from Create A Critter 2 die cutting cartridge.
  • I used a punched star to lay on the background and chalk around, moved it and did the same thing again a few times to give the appearance of a purple sky with star outlines.
I did some more stamping, some more embellishing using up some scrap papers along the way... and here is the finished Paper Bag Card with tag insert!


That extra little flap

Using MFPS "VROOM" stamp set

The tag that pulls out of the bag

The entire inside with tag out on display

Going Batty
Purchase ... HERE

Purchase ... HERE
I hope you enjoyed this Mark's Finest Papers & Stamps tutorial of how to create a Paper Bag Card! To see another Paper Bag Card I created in July using Mark's Finest Papers and Stamps, click... HERE.

If you have any questions, please do NOT hesitate to ask. If you want me to get back with you about any of the details, remember to leave me your email address in your comment.

Smiles.... BOO!
:) Janis
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