Sunday, December 5, 2010


Look what we did today!
Tom did his weekend, "Y'all ready to go?" this morning.
I love it when he does that!  It means we are off on a surprise adventure.
The adventure this morning was breakfast at The Skillet (yummy) and Real Christmas Tree shopping.  I was so stinkin' excited!
So, the real tree is in it's stand with the water and we bought lights and ornaments, Christmas star for the top, candy canes (which I'm sure will slowly be disappearing as we eat them between now and Christmas), and some lights for the deck.
We have not put up a tree in several years, so this is a very REAL treat!  Bonnie (our special needs daughter) and I had so much fun.  Tom put all the hooks on the ornaments, Bonnie put up all the candy canes and some of the ornaments, and I put up the rest of the ornaments.  Then since Tom is so tall and Bonnie and I are so short, he put up the Christmas Star on the top.
Smells good.  Looks good.  I love it!
We also got a Poinsettia for the table.  Beautiful.

Here are some birdies we saw napping in the tree really close to our deck.  Don't they look all snuggly and content?

Hope you guys are having a fun December.  
I think tomorrow Bonnie and I will bake some Christmas goodies.  I love Christmas baking!
I think it's time to sneak a Christmas tree candy cane.  Shhhhh.... 
Jingle Bells!
:) Janis

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Blue6366 said...

Oh how fun and beautiful!! We put ours up right before we went to AL for Thanksgiving and the kids had fun decorating it as they do every year.