Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cricut Expression on Order!

I am so excited!! I ordered my Cricut Expression last night. It should be here in a couple of weeks. I can't wait! Please post links to your Cricut creations, projects, cards, scrapbooks, etc! I'd love to see them!!

I ordered my Cricut Expression from They have a wonderful deal going on where you get the Cricut Expression, inks, and 4 cartridges! The cartridges are:

  1. Indie Art Solution Cartridge
  2. Home Accents Solution Cartridge
  3. Walk in My Garden Full Cartridge
  4. Plantin Schoolbook Full Cartridge
I can't wait to use "Walk In My Garden"!! The next cartridge I'll probably buy is "Wild Card".

Please sign the guestbook below. Post a comment with your reviews of the Cricut and links to your projects!

Have a FUN Sunday!!


  1. Yipeee, I cant wait to see all your creations Janis!! I thought about getting mine there. I just didn't now idf I 'd need one that big,I wish I had of now..THE BIGGER THE BETTER!!!
    Why so long on the delivery?c Oh, have you seen all the videos by Anie?chcikenscratch??

  2. Sorry for all the post, check this out... I have spent a few hours watching these!

  3. Love the comments, Lizzy! When I confirmed the order, it just popped up saying to expect delivery June 9th. I don't know where it's shipping from, how far away that is from me, so I have no idea how they figure that. The strange this is I placed the order after 8pm on Saturday night. When I checked the order on Sunday morning, it already said it had been shipped and gave me a UPS tracking number! So hopefully it won't take until June 9th to get here. I am so excited!! My 18 year old daughter said she hoped she wasn't here when it was delivered because she new I was going to be screaming in excitment. :) They know me so well. :)

    I've seen some of Angie's videos, but definitely need to catch up on them. Thanks for the link!

    What cartridges do you have? I can't wait to see more projects from you!!

  4. Oh! And Lizzy! Please sign my sad, little, empty guestbook at the bottom. Thanks!