Monday, March 22, 2021

Check This Out!

      Hi all my crafty friends!

I wanted to share a link with you to an awesome new online store.

Bokeh & Paint

One of our daughters, Kati, is an artist, photographer, art teacher, and a crafter. She just finished getting her new store online yesterday, and I would LOVE for you to go visit, shop, support, and share the link with everyone.

Her store offers:
Original Paintings
Limited Edition Prints
Hand Crafted Keychains
Hand Crafted Phone Grips
Hand Crafted Stickers


Earrings coming soon!!

She's quite amazing.

Bonnie is getting this keychain for her travel bag. Not to put keys on, but just to have something of her's on her bag. She takes her bag everywhere. 

I'm getting this one just for a house key to loop to my jeans belt buckle for when I'm out walking.

This one to loop on my purse strap so I'll stop losing my keys. LOL

And what's really exciting, is that she's got Hand Crafted Earrings coming soon! I do LOVE me some earrings!

Bokeh & Paint

Thanks for visiting and commenting!
:) Janis