Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Our New Business - Free T-Shirt Giveaways!

Who wants a FREE custom t-shirt!

See details below. 

USA only right now. 
(We aren't ready to ship internationally yet.)

We are getting a shipment of tshirts and some new vinyl today. We are still learning to use our new equipment so we have a plan...
For the first few (meaning several) people that respond with what they want on the Bonnie's Art & Vinyl Facebook page, we will GIVE you a free custom designed shirt. We will also ship it free in the US if you aren't local.
* - The design can't be anything copyrighted or trademarked. No movie quotes, no company logos. We won't profit off of somebody else's hard work.
* - We will not have our screenprinting equipment set up until we get into the store next month. This means the designs have to be cut from transfer vinyl. You would be surprised at what can be done with vinyl though. And you will be amazed at the quality of the transfer. It's as good as screenprinting in every way. Multiple colors on the same shirt are fine and encouraged.
* - If you want us to draw something for you, we can definitely do that and welcome the challenge. Just give us a rough idea of what you're wanting and we will give it our best shot.
* - You have to agree that we can resell your design. If we like the design and decide to offer it for sale, we will give you 15% of all revenue from that design. And we will give you credit for it on all product listings if you desire.
* - Our supply of shirts and color is limited right now. If we have the colors and sizes in stock, then we will get the shirt to you in a few days. Otherwise, it may take a week or so.
* - Please specify shirt color, shirt size, and design color(s) when you request a shirt.
* - If this post is shared on somebody's wall, you MUST reply to THIS post on the company page.
* - Speaking of sharing... feel free to share this post. This is open to EVERYBODY. (In the US for now. We aren't ready to ship internationally.)

P.S. It's not part of the rules, 
but we'd love you to LIKE our Facebook page 
and share the Facebook post about the free shirt giveaways.

Thank you so much for stopping in for a visit today.
Be safe, hugs,
:) Janis

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