Sunday, July 7, 2019

Restoring Historical House

Hi everyone. So glad you stopped by today.
I don't have a craft project to share with you right now, but wanted to share some pictures of an Historical house in South Carolina we purchased a few months back. We have been slowly plumbing walls, raising sunken foundation corners, patching holes in floor and walls, and working pretty hard to just get it critter proof.

 If you are interested in our progress from beginning to whenever it will end (no time soon), we'd love you to swing by our Facebook page and follow us. Often we will ask for your opinion on colors and ideas, and would love you to chime in.

This house is listed on the South Carolina Historical Homes registry, and once the work is completed, will be submitted for the National Historical Homes registry.

Our home (once completed) will be opened up to the public at least once a year as required for tours, and will display information on the back history of the home and its previous residents. To our knowledge, we are the third family to own this home since it was built in the 1890s. We have found some treasures too that will be on display with their history.

Enjoy the pictures in this post, but to see it all, here is the Facebook link,..

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  1. Janis - I am really enjoying following you guys' progress on this home! I cannot wait to see it complete. Y'all are doing a fantastic job with it!

  2. Looking forward to seeing follow ups on your house!

  3. My goodness, Janis! You certainly don't shy away from big projects, do you! I read the entire facebook page. Phenomenal!!


  4. Wow what a project, it will be wonderful,xxxx

  5. I didn't realize you guys were back in the lower 48 Janis! This is a huge undertaking, but will be oh so beautiful when you are done with it. I remember you hubby working on your other home and how beautiful that was. Good luck!!! Hugs, Brenda