Monday, September 30, 2013

More House Renovation Progress

You guys know we have been re-modeling our house for quite some time. When you take an entire house built in the late 1800s and gut it down to the studs, re-arrange the floor plan, re-wire, re-plumb, re-everything, it just takes a while. Especially when you are doing it as you have time to work on it.

This past weekend we made great progress on some of our projects on our to-do list.

1) Tom completely removed the entire front door and side windows and framing, installed a new door, and custom built the side window parts and installed plexiglass there instead of just window glass.  It looks amazing! He put a lot of detail into every part of this. I love it. The door is already painted, but the framing still needs paint so we have left the protective sheets on the side windows until that is done.



2) Keri came over and helped me get my craft room re-painted. I loved the blue I had in here, but it made this room dark, and that part I hated. Plus when we bought new den furniture, the existing very large sectional garnet couch got crammed into my craft room. I have the say, the blue walls and garnet couch weren't doing anything for me. So I decided to go with a very light shade of brown. I kept thinking a "sand" color. When I got to Lowe's I went the the brown - yellow section. I'm very happy with the results. We poured the paint into the tray and we all agreed it looked like yummy chocolate milk.  This paint has really lightened up the room. On the walls where the garnet couch is, it gives off a pink hue, but that's okay. The window trim, crown molding, and floor molding have not been painted yet, and that will be a very dark brown when Tom gets around to doing that part for me. We'll also be putting up a ceiling fan in here. I'm hoping that will also help make it brighter in here.




3) Kati also came over and she painted a large tree on one of Bonnie's bedroom walls. She got it all completed on one wall, but when she comes back, she'll wrap the tree around the corner and paint it on the other wall too.  Bonnie and I are going to be putting up things I cut out with my Cameo and changing it through the year and seasons. This month there will be bats hanging from the tree limbs and maybe a friendly ghost or 2 and of course a witch somewhere. In November we'll take those down and put up a scarecrow, pumpkins, owls, etc. After a lot of suggestions on Facebook from my crafty friends, we have decided to go with magnets. The sticky side of the small round magnets will be permanently placed on the tree, and then Bonnie can adhere the images with magnets on the back to those spots on the tree. My husband Tom said if we had thought ahead, he could have put up sheet metal on that wall instead of drywall when we were re-modeling her room, but you know, hind sight is 20/20 and all.

Here are some before and after pics of the painting. Bonnie's wall color is light lavendar.

4) The last project to tell you about... Our daughter, Kati (who you see painting the tree on the wall above), also enjoys making custom wreaths. You know how much you enjoy card making and scrapbooking? Well, that's how much she loves making wreaths. I asked her to please make us a Halloween wreath for our front door. Nothing scary. Just something festive and Halloween-ish. I love what she made, and it's HUGE! Here's a picture....

I hope all of you guys had a very fun and productive weekend too! Enjoy your week. Tomorrow is OCTOBER! My favorite month of the year. Kati's birthday is next Saturday and Tom's birthday is in October too. We are taking Bonnie to the South Carolina State Fair this month and then at the end of the month is our annual Halloween Party at Kati's house! Those parites are always a riot. I think Bonnie may dress up as an Indian this year. Maybe get her a wig with pigtail braids? Hmmm... we have plenty of time to think of something. 

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  1. Wow it looks amazing!! I love your craft room color, front door, and the tree for Bonnie. Kati did a beautiful job on your wreath as well. Thanks for sharing your renovations with us.

  2. WOW Janis!!! This all looks so awesome!!! Love the front door. So beautiful. And you crafty room is looking fab! And that tree of Bonnie's is the most wonderful of all!!! :)

  3. Love all the renovations. Thanks for sharing all the before & after pictures. I especially like Bonnie's tree; can't wait to see how you decorate it. =)

  4. I am loving your renovations with the before and after pics! You guys are doing a lovely job with it!!! I know it is a lot of hard work but will be worth it when it is all done. I also love the tree that your daughter is painting, can't wait to see it all decorated up!! I also love, love your wreath your daughter made, she is very talented it looks!

  5. Janis, the renovations are great. Love Bonnie's room. My guest bedroom is the same color with eggshell on the moldings and doors. The tree is a great idea. BTW, love the green that you painted in the family area (on another post). Things are really coming together.