Monday, May 16, 2011

New, Bright Crocheted Baby Blanket with Pom Pom Edging

Here's a new baby blanket I made yesterday with very bright colors.
I love the way it turned out!

I found this PomPom yarn - first time I've seen anything like this. I crocheted this all around the edges. So soft and pretty!

Once again, I used the same pattern from this cool crochet book I got at Joann's.  I just made the blanket a little smaller for a BABY size.

Hmmmm.... wonder what I'll crochet today?  Make a bookmark?

I'll be adding this post to Alex's MADE IT MYSELF MONDAYS.  It's a new linking party that starts TODAY!  Go check it out!!

:) Janis


  1. I love the pom pom edging and all the bright colors, it's beautiful!!

  2. Great idea to add the pom-poms as an edging!! I am here visiting from Made It Myself Mondays. Glad I stopped by.


  3. Hi Janis! I have never used this pom-pom yarn before; but have heard of it, and I love the way your baby blanket came out using it! Very pretty, and love those colors! ~tina

  4. This is so adorable! love the pom pom yarn...never saw that either!

  5. Very cute. Love the pom pom yarn.

  6. How much of the pom pom yarn did you use for the edging? I have 2 balls of Christmas colored pom poms and am wondering how big of a blanket I can use it on.