Sunday, April 21, 2013


I'd love you to FOLLOW me on BlogLovin' ! 

Follow on Bloglovin

If you have not considered using BLOGLOVIN' for your blog, I encourage you to try it out. I set up my settings so that I get ONE daily email from Bloglovin' with all the blogs I'm following through that site. It's convenient, and keeps me up-to-date with what everyone is doing.  They also have a mobile app.

I will be UNSUBSCRIBING from my email notifications for your new blog posts, so please consider signing up with Bloglovin' so I can switch over to receiving updates with you that way. 

It's FREE. I also encourage you to follow me and the others listed below via Bloglovin'.
(You may find a brand new blog on the list below that you will LOVE!)

Please sign up below if you are already on BlogLovin' so I can go check out your blog!

Thanks for stopping by today! :) Janis 



  1. Janis this is a great idea. I'm going to steal it from you and do this on my blog. Hope you don't mind!!


  2. I just signed up FOR it to get all of my stuff in one email - and will definitely be looking into it for my blog! Thanks again!

  3. Just started following you thru Bloglovin'

  4. Ps I am already following you on Bloglovin-- come follow me

  5. love this idea! may "borrow" it Miss Inspiration....