Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Project #368 of this year
Not the kind of Christmas card you were probably expecting today, huh? :)
In my life, today represents the birth of Jesus Christ here on earth. Now whether He was actually born on this exact day or not is not really the important issue to me. To me it's just the day we happen to pick on the calendar to remember that He left His home in heaven, to come live with us on earth for a while. I think a cupcake card was in order here. LOL

A2 size card (I'm not even going to put the measurements here because I bet you have them memorized by now.... if you don't, leave me a comment asking with your email address & I'll get back with you.)
Background papers from Ki stack called "Fancy Free". Loves these papers. They are so bright and cheery. 
3 BIRDS ON PARADE for birthday birdie cut @ 3 1/2" on page 63.
Ribbon from Joann's.
"Happy Birthday" stamps from K Andrew Designs "Coffee & Tea For You & Me" set.
"Jesus" hand written.

I hope you and your family (if you have one) have a very Merry Christmas today.
This post was pre-scheduled on November 30 to post for today. We actually left Alaska on December 15th to move (driving all the way towing a small UHaul trailer) back to South Carolina where most of our family lives. I'm hoping as I write this today (on Nov. 30th), that by the time you read this post live, we have safely arrived in South Carolina. As soon as we get settled somewhere and have internet hooked up, I'll pop on here and post a note that we made it safe & sound!

God bless you. I wish joy and happiness for you today.
Peace and love among you and your family & friends.
Contentment with where you may be in your life right now.
Peace knowing that God is in control & you are not alone.
Hope for a bright future full of love, friendships, and unexpected blessings.
Financial stability & success.
Freedom to enjoy your life and the gifts you have.
Courage to explore new things.
Strength to endure the hard times.
And a smile from a stranger on the street. You never know. They could be an angel.
Merry Christmas :) Janis


Cards and Crafts by Sheree said...

Happy Birthday, Jesus and Merry Christmas, Janis, to you and your family! Wish you all the best this holiday season!

Deanna Mulder said...

Janis, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Such a great card.