Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Blog Award Time!

It is so much fun meeting new Bloggy Friends! You guys really make my day!

As you may know, one of our daughters is a photographer and very much into art. The above Blog Award is actually a picture of her eye that she created into a beautiful piece of artwork.

I just wanted to share some love and pass out this blog award to so many new friends I've made in the Bloggy World.

Here are the rules:
  1. By accepting this award you recognize that the giver 'LIKES YOUR STYLE'.
  2. You agree to display this award proudly on your site, and include a post linking back to the giver.
  3. And because there are so many blogs out there which you like their style, you will share this award with them... however many that may be.
Here are the fantastic friends and blogs I've met and really LIKE THEIR STYLE:
(Please visit them by clicking on their blog name)


mulberry station said...

Janis, I am at work and saw your comment. Thank you so much. What a sweet thing to do. I am really excited that you like my work. It has really made my day!!! I will add the blog award to my blog tonight when I get home.

Regina said...

Oh thank you that is very sweet of you! I wukk add it to my blog in just a bit. I love what your daughter did with that picture!!

Vicky said...

Oh wow my first blog award, how sweet of you Janis. Love the artwork too, your daughter is truly talented. I will add it to my blog with pride.

sophiesmama said...

Thank you so much Janis! You're a sweetie! I love the wonderfully creative way your daughter used her photo. She gets her talant from her Mom! I will proudly display this award on my blog and pass it on to others.
Thanks again!

Debi said...

Nice graphic!

KatBouska said...

Awww that's really nice of you! Thanks!! And your daughter does AMAZING work...her eye is beautiful. :)

Sharon Caudle said...

Wow!!! Janis, this picture is just stunning! Your daughter does beautiful work!! I am very humbled and honored that you chose to give this award to me. I appreciate it more than you could imagine. But, I will tell you that I do not post awards on my blog anymore. I'm too afraid of hurting someone's feelings by not giving it them, and I honestly can not stand the thought of someone feeling "left out" because they haven't gotten an award. And it doesn't mean anything to anyone if you just put it on your blog and say "take it" cause no one ever does.

But, because this is an original piece of artwork, I can't help but put it on my blog and link it back to you, but passing it on. I hope that's ok!

Susie M. said...

Oh janis!! this is BEAUTIFUL!!! YOU have one awesomely talented daughter there!! and thankyou so much for thinking of me! I feel honored and would be proud to display this on my blog. I'm glad we discovered each other's blogs and that we met in this cyber world of ours. :)

Jeanette - said...

Hi Janis and thank you so much for thinking of us. Our blog is a store blog and so we don't display awards, but we do appreciate your thoughts. Your daughter's work is amazing!

mulberry station said...

Janis, I want to thank you again for the award. Just had to check my blog this morning while I was at work. Shouldn't have been doing that but....I need a break. I want you to know too, that your daughters art work is beautiful. Thanks again for the award. I will try to figure out how to get it on my blog.