Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Paper Piecing

Okay, ladies, you've GOT to check out Passion for Crafts' blog today! She has a stunning card made where she stamped a lovely image and then colored and used paper piecing..... Paper piecing! My wheels are a-turnin'! Go have a look!!

I'll post some crafts a little later. Catching up on all my bloggie friends right now.


Debi said...

A beautiful card . I don't understand, what is me paper piecing?

Janis Lewis said...

Good morning, Lizzy! I don't know what process she goes through to paper piece, but I assume she stamps her image several times onto different patterned paper, cuts out the sections and them puts them together as one image.

My sister loves art. She'll find a picture she likes, put carbon paper under it and a blank sheet of paper under that or a piece of canvas like you would buy at the craft store to paint on.

Then she pencil traces the picture. The carbon paper makes the same image onto the blank paper so that when she's done, she has an outline of the picture she just traced.

Then she cuts out papers she likes from magazines or patterned paper, etc. She glues the patterned paper into the image.

She did this with a lady wearing a skirt. Every piece of clothing was from a patterned paper. The image she used was from a famous artist. (I don't keep up with who is famous in the art world, so it really meant nothing to me for who to say who it was :) )

The piece my sister did was rather large. She actually traced it onto a canvas and framed it and put it on her bedroom wall.

I'll see if I can find a pic of it and post it.

sophiesmama said...

Hi Janis, thanks for the link to that beautiful card. I think what you told Lizzy about paper piecing is right. That's what I came up with too. It's a great idea and turned out beautifully. I'd love to see your sister's piece. Hope you can find and post it.